Aigner Label Holders Save You Time and Money. Label Holders Don't Cost...They Pay!
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Label Holders Pay You in Time Saved Over and Over! Here's How:

Simple and Quick Designation or Location Changes

Insertable plastic label holders make it easy to change a label or location. Simply re-mark the insert and slide it into the holder. This feature was pioneered by Aigner Label Holder Corp over fifty (50) years ago for the filing industry, and since, has been adapted to every storage application imaginable.

As Chip Viel of Sargent/Assa Abloy, New Haven, Ct. recently wrote to tell us: "I can't believe the neatness, durability and overall cost savings with your products. The barcode compatibility lends itself to our frequent systems changes. I just wanted to tell you how great your products are."

Many fortune 100 Companies have experienced the same positive result: Ford, GM, Caterpillar, Kawasaki, McDonald's, Rite-Aide, Mazda, U.S. Postal Service, McKesson, Dollar General and Home Depot, just to name a few.

Better Organization of Storage

Every efficient storage facility must know where everything is - All of the time. This would be much easier to accomplish if products and locations did not change, but they do, and that's when problems develop. Label Holders are a management tool that offers a solution. They even make a better working environment for the employees to be more productive.

Cost Justification is Easy

The total cost for a label holder system rarely exceeds 4% of the total warehouse cost, yet no other single function contributes more savings. Whatever the initial investment is for a Label Holder System, it has been very well documented that payback in materials, labor and overall efficiency.